• Training for health and self defence

Chief Instructor & Examiner
[6th Dan Black Belt] HQ Dojo Old Bus Stand MG Bazar,
Thalassery Kannur, Kerala, India.
Phone: 00919847151312 00919388523421
Grand Master
[9 th Dan Black Belt ] Ex karate coach of Indian Army, Air Force, NAVY, SPG, NSG, Special Action group of police & UN army also. HEAD OFFICE JP Nagar, Bangalore Karnataka, India
Phone: 00919945710775


Affilated to Shorin Ryu Shoto Kan Karate. Our method is based on army training, our training is a combination of Karate - Do Shorin Ryu - Shotokan, Judo and Aikido Techniques.

Benefits of Karate

Karate fights obesity that increases your risk of developing many diseases including diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases. Karate combats anxiety and depression.

Instructor Details

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About The Karate School

Here you have the best established Karate training centre in Kerala, Japanese Budo Karate School International, since its establishment in 1986, at Tellicherry. The school has the history of winning great success participating in various championship games of karate and Japanese Budo Karate Kerala in India.
During the long year term of 1995-2003, Japanese Budo Karate School has won overall championship in the federation tournaments held up by KSKF and KDKF. From 1996 to 2004 through its various items it has got the nurtured media attention.

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